Per Kirkeby at the Kunsthalle Gießen

Per Kirkeby
11. Mai to 31. August 2014

In 1994, Per Kirkeby – a professor at the Städelschule in Frankfurt at the time – came to Giessen to choose the site for a brick sculpture that was realized on the Justus- Liebig-Universität campus in 1996. The presence of a work by Kirkeby in town, but also his expansive overall artistic concept are what occasioned the exhibition of his works at the Kunsthalle Giessen during the 5th State of Hesse Horticultural Show taking place here in 2014. Concentrating on a selection of workgroups by the “artistic universalist” Kirkeby. The Giessen show is presenting a series of Masonites (1977–1997), a group of tempera paintings, a number of bronze models and drawings related to the artist’s brick sculptures, several large-scale charcoal drawings, a series of recent intensely colourful monotypes, and an oil painting measuring 3 by 7 metres, a format unusual for the artist. Fifteen years after its execution, the last-named work is thus being placed on view to the public for the first time ever.