8 September - 27 OCtober 2018


Raphael Egil, born as Raphael Egli on 29 August 1975 in Wil, St Gallen, completed his studies in 2000 at the University of Art and Design in Luzern, where he still lives and works. He has had numerous individual and group exhibitions in Switzerland. This first show in our Cologne gallery is also his debut on the international scene.


The exhibition shows a selection of his work created over the last 16 years. Many of the artist's works are inspired by the landscapes of his Swiss homeland, with a preference for small formats. The painting „Hügel (Vesime)“, for example, reveals his interest in formalism, so it comes as no surprise that in the same year he painted purely abstract compositions. Indeed the endless interplay between abstraction and figurisation seems to lie at the heart of his artistic endeavour. The Western perspective of Art History also plays an important role in Egil's work, as can be seen in his adaptations of Giorgiones' “La Tempesta“ (1508)  and two still lives „à la Braque“ which are included in the Cologne show. Egil is firmly rooted in artistic tradition. His paintings establish a productive dialogue which is both respectful and bold, a combination that stands out as an unusual point of reference in the contemporary art world.  


A richly-illustrated catalogue has been prepared for this exhibition.