Markus Lüpertz. NeW paintings — Arcades
05. APRIL — 31. MAY 2014

Currently Markus Lüpertz's work is being shown in retrospective shows in the Museo de Bellas Artes in Bilbao, in the Ernst Barlach Museum in Wedel and in the Hermitage in St Petersburg. Following the show here in the Michael Werner Kunsthandel two years ago, which concentrated on his landscape paintings, we are delighted to present another exhibition of his recent work.

Classical antiquity and mythology have been important sources of inspiration for Markus Lüpertz from the outset. The title of the new series of pictures, "Arcadia", conjures up associations of places long-forgotten and carefree memories. The artist's intention is not to turn his back on the present out of disillusionment, but rather to explore the possibilities inherent in contemporary art. As Eric Darragon points out in the catalogue that accompanies this exhibition, "Arcadia" refers to an artistic view of nature, a world whose boundaries are diffuse and unknown, and at the same time to an "abstract terrain" which can be a source of new paintings. As early as the beginning of the 1960's, Markus Lüpertz realised that the logic of the avantgarde would inevitably lead to a sometimes blind rejection of everything that preceded it, and that this paralysing process would eventually lead to a dead-end. The references to classical antiquity, be they in terms of content or form, are often seen as an anachronism, This is a misconception which Markus Lüpertz is happy to live with and which he even provokes. The classical titles and motifs can easily create the impression that his pictures correspond to a classical canon with readily accessible interpretations. However his abstract treatmant of form reveals the absurdity of this approach and forces us confront the powerful sense of presence in his painting without pre-conceptions.

A catalogue with a text by Eric Darragon accompanies the exhibition.