The Michael Werner Kunsthandel is putting on an individual exhibition of work by Markus Lüpertz, born in 1941, opening on 8 September 2012. The show is dedicated to the motif of landscape, a recurrent theme in the artist’s oeuvre since the 1960’s. Certain images such as tree trunks, hills, fields and rivers are clearly typical of this genre, but Lüpertz’ paintings do not fit easily into the classical tradition of landscape depiction.

Markus Lüpertz’ treatment of nature is on the one hand representational, but it is definitely not realistic. His intention goes beyond a simple portrayal of reality as we see it, and explores alternative viewpoints that influence our perception of the world at a more fundamental level. Art, according to Lüpertz, “creates images of the forces that hold the world together”. In other words, the way we perceive reality, and therefore nature, is dependent on art, which affords us deeper insight. Reality, in this sense, is a function of our artistic experience and not the reverse. “We would never experience the full beauty of a sunset if it were not painted, and hence the inversion” (Lüpertz in “Giving Art Rules” Zürich, 2005 p 34).

The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures and drawings from 5 decades. The text for the exhibition catalogue was written by Susanne Kleine.