PhotoMarket in Stockholm 15-17th of February


PhotoMarket coincides with Stockholm Art Week – a new platform for the Stockholm art scene. Leading institutions, museums, fairs, galleries and other participants will arrange special events during the week. At PhotoMarket both established and future art collectors can discover intriguing contemporary photography, attend lectures and discussions providing valuable insights into the art of collecting photography

"There is nothing casual about a photograph for me. It is a balance. It must seem effortless and have a fabulous simplicity about it and at the same time it must have this mysterious complexity"
Jeff Cowen

The Berlin based American artist Jeff Cowen will be present at the PUG booth throughout the weekend to meet with collectors and present his work. Mr. Cowen will also be holding a lecture on Saturday 16th of February, at 15:30.

Jeff Cowen will lecture about his photographic work and offer insight to his unique approach and methods. He will also discuss analogue photography and its context and significance in the modern digital revolution. Mr Cowens art is held by over one hundred collections and institutions around the world.

PUG will present artwork by the following artists at PhotoMarket: Roger Ballen, Jeff Cowen, Sally Mann, Yamamoto Masao, Vee Speers and Joel-Peter Witkin.

Quelle:, Stand: 06.02.2013

Image: Self-portrait by Jeff Cowen and Csilla Szabo (diptych), 55 x 98 cm, Silver Print, 2011, Edition of 6.